Time: The Most Precious Resource of All

What if we told you that you could measure lung fluid in your heart failure patients in just 90 seconds? That’s the same amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea, brush your teeth, check your email, or parallel park your car.

These activities all take about 90 seconds – the same amount of time ReDS™ needs to deliver to you an accurate, absolute, and actionable reading of your patient’s lung fluid.

With objective readings from ReDS™, delivered noninvasively, you can now add some certainty and confidence to the assessment of the status of your HF patients while they are at home, in the clinic or in the hospital.

ReDS™: (Nearly) Instant Readings – Anytime, Anywhere

When Sensible Medical set out to create a new standard of care in lung fluid measurement, we adapted the military’s see-through-wall technology into the wearable, noninvasive system that became ReDS™. With no leads or conductive agents required, ReDS™ adds objectivity to the process of assessing the status of your HF patients. And, the best part? It no longer matters where they are. ReDS™ can deliver readings. Fast. Anytime. Anywhere.

When you consider that approximately 5.7 million US adults live with HF and that their cost of care reaches some $30.7 billion each year, a device like ReDS™ can have some far-reaching impacts. After all, some 50% of that $30.7 billion comes from the constant discharges and readmissions of HF patients who lack actionable, accurate information about their lung fluid status. They lack a tool like ReDS™, and either go to the hospital unnecessarily, or, worse, wait for symptoms like shortness of breath or fatigue to emerge, and lose precious moments as they wait too long to seek care.

The Need for Information, Now

In today’s world of instant decisions amidst the expectation of instantly available, instantly processed information, there’s no time for guesswork. When Steve Jobs, Apple’s late CEO, envisioned a new way to deliver instant information – the entire internet – on a device small enough to fit into your palm, he reinvented the mobile phone and the expectations the world had for the delivery of information. The iPhone was born.    

Instant, actionable information helps you make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. The observation of signs and symptoms to gauge a heart failure patient’s status will only take you so far, and will only get you there so quickly, if you’re required to physically see each patient to evaluate their status.

With ReDS™ technology, you’ll have an accurate, actionable lung fluid assessment in just 90 seconds. And, you’ll have the information that will allow you to make better, more informed decisions.

Ninety Seconds 

So, the next time you order take-out, or take a break from the demands of the day to scroll your social media feed, reflect on those 90 seconds, just how quickly they pass, and how quickly you could have a lung fluid reading from your patients. “Your time is limited.” Steve Jobs once reflected. “It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

And, that, is true for a lot of things, including the certainty and confidence that comes with an accurate, absolute, and actionable lung fluid status assessment.