ReDS™ – Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Heart Failure Hospital Readmissions

Did you know that some $15 billion is spent every year on the constant discharges and readmissions of heart failure patients? 

Picture this scene: A heart failure patient wakes up in the middle of the night, feels short of breath, fatigued. The stress has woken him, and keeps him up. The stress leads to even more trouble sleeping, more shortness of breath, and more fatigue. He goes to the hospital and gets admitted. Then, the shortness of breath turns out to be fatigue. He gets discharged. He’s relieved, but it’s not long before the stress returns.

Heart failure can be a vicious cycle of stress, admissions, and discharges.

ReDS™: Accurate, Absolute, and Actionable Lung Fluid Readings 

What if a tool existed that could end that vicious cycle?  What if that tool could provide accurate, absolute, and actionable lung fluid measurements anytime, anywhere? 

That tool exists. We call it ReDS™

With ReDS™, heart failure patients, and their practitioners have that tool. With ReDS™, heart failure patients no longer have to wait for symptoms like shortness of breath or fatigue. Instead, ReDS™ delivers objective readings that can be communicated clearly to practitioners, who then can make more informed, more confident decisions. There’s now more certainty in the field of heart failure care.     

ReDS™: Reducing Uncertainty in HF Care

When Sensible Medical set out to create a new standard of care in lung fluid measurement, we adapted the military’s see-through-wall technology in creating our ReDS™ system. With ReDS™, the HF patient just wears a non-invasive vest, with no leads or conductive agents required. The ReDS™ vest uses low-power electromagnetic energy to deliver accurate readings in just 90 seconds. By using accurate, real-time data, practitioners can make better, more informed decisions.

ReDS™: Extending your Reach 

With ReDS™, you can review the lung fluid status for all of your heart failure patients, and not just rely on signs and symptoms you can directly observe for a few. With the actual lung fluid measurements delivered within 90 seconds by ReDS™, you have a decision-support tool that extends your reach across your population of patients.

ReDS™ patient readings make it easier to communicate lung fluid status, enabling heart failure specialists to observe and evaluate patients, without having to be physically present with them.  It’s like having a heart failure specialist in the ED with a heart failure patient, without actually having to have the heart failure specialist there.  With absolute ReDS™ measurements delivered anytime, anywhere, the physicians and nurses in the ED can get the guidance needed to make a more informed determination of the status of your patient’s heart failure.

With just a few heart failure specialists per hospital, we know that time is limited and valuable. With ReDS™ readings, it’s easier to discuss patient status, and decide which heart failure patients need to be seen, and when. That leads to better care for your patients, fewer readmissions, and higher patient satisfaction.

A few years ago, our CEO, Mr. Amir Ronen, saw a missing link in the market, the need for a tool that could help practitioners determine when patient discharge should occur, a tool that could help the safe and consistent monitoring of patient lung fluid status when patients were at home. The inspiration for ReDS™ was born. 

Today, ReDS™ allows the lung fluid status of heart failure patients to be assessed at multiple points throughout the process of diagnosing and treating heart failure: at the ED, at the community point of care, at nursing homes, at outpatient clinics, and at CHF wards before discharge.

Quite simply, with the advanced and accurate assessments delivered by ReDS™, heart failure patients can enjoy better and faster treatment. Anytime. Anywhere.

That provides peace of mind, and with that, we can all sleep better at night, which just might be, the first step, or the result of, breaking the vicious cycle of heart failure.