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How War is Helping Create New Life-Saving Medical Devices

Medical personnel are using their battlefield experiences to create blood monitoring vests and other devices to use on patients in civilian hospitals.
GREENSBORO, N.C. — Congestive heart failure is one of the most common reasons elderly people end up in the hospital. When this happens fluid builds up in the lungs and patients have trouble breathing. Cone Health is the first in the country to use a new technology to measure the amount of fluid in the lungs in the inpatient hospital setting.

Radar-equipped vests to help heart patients

GREENSBORO — A small vest-like device promises to improve care for heart failure patients by measuring fluid in the lungs.

Groundbreaking Use of Radar-Equipped Vests in a Hospital Promises to Improve the Care of Heart Failure Patients

Dr. Dan Bensimhon tends to see things differently. At a conference, the director of the Cone Health Advanced Heart Failure Clinic noticed a small vest that uses military technology to measure fluid in the lungs of patients. The company saw the vest as a way for people with heart failure to catch fluid buildup at home before it became a problem. Bensimhon saw the vest as an opportunity to change the way heart failure patients are cared for in a big way. Thanks to a study underway at Cone Health, we will soon find out if he is right.

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