Seeing through walls

ReDS™ technology originated in the defense technology that allows the military to see through walls and find survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings. Sensible Medical adapted this technology for medical use by creating a system to see through the ‘walls’ of the chest and inside the lungs of Heart Failure patients. It takes just 45 seconds to get a ReDS™ measurement at the hospital, the clinic, or even in the comfort of a patient’s home.

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Absolute lung fluid content located at right mid-lobe

A normal lung measures 20-35% fluid content (default target range)

Lung fluid monitoring

People who suffer from Heart Failure often accumulate fluid in their lungs, during disease exacerbation. This causes respiratory distress, which often leads to urgent ED or clinic visits that result in hospital readmissions. Current methods to monitor patients include listening with a stethoscope for noises in the lungs, or relying upon implantable devices, weight measurements and chest X-rays.  A system, like ReDS™, that quickly and accurately measures lung fluids, can make a real difference for patients, caretakers, hospitals and clinics.

ReDS™ provides an accurate, actionable and absolute measurement of lung fluid content located at the right mid-lobe of the lung. The result is presented as the percentage of fluid compared to lung volume, with 20-35% representing a normal measure of fluid content (1). Using ReDS™ to provide guidance for a patient’s condition may lead to a significant decrease in readmissions and hospital costs (2).

Direct, absolute lung fluid monitoring measures % of fluid out of lung volume

Key benefits of ReDS™ technology

  • Versatility Across the Continuum of Care
    • Lung fluid may be monitored at the hospital, clinic, CHF ward, and the ED
    • Remote monitoring – lung fluid may be monitored regularly from home
  • Noninvasive system – worn over patient’s clothes
  • Fast – measurement takes only 45 seconds
  • Absolute measurement – requires no benchmark or historical data to evaluate
  • Shown in an economic benefit clinical study: 
    • to reduce hospital readmissions by 87% (3)
    • to demonstrate high patient compliance
  • Comprehensive solution offering call center support and a physician portal

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